Are we eating minimum serves of Veggies?

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Most Australians did not usually meet their recommended minimum number of serves of Veggies; as per ABS findings  & Australian Government National Health Medical Research Council

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Vegetables and legumes/beans are one of the main FOOD group (Part of recommended Diet plan).

  • Overall, Australians aged 2years and over consumed an average of 2.7 serves of vegetables and legumes/beans per day, with less than 4% of the population meeting the recommended number of serves.
  • Adults (aged 19 and over) had an average of 3.0 serves of vegetables and legumes/beans per day with less than 4% usually consuming the minimum recommended number of serves.
  • Children aged 2-18 years averaged 1.8 serves per day and less than 1% usually consumed their recommended number of vegetable serves.

The survey finding shows – only 34% meet the Australian Dietary Guideline for Vegetables, 66% Don’t. Urban areas worst for vegetables.

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For Everyday Corn Lover

A large ear of corn has about 125 calories, making it a reasonable addition to a healthy meal. It is equivalent to a nutritious banana, except the corn actually has less sugar, more protein and fibre.



If you are planning to start a family or pregnant, eating healthy with right nutrients is of utmost importance. And so do Corn.


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Real Whole kernels are good source of Carbohydrates, Protein and much more. It is low in saturated fat and is recommended in our diet plan.


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