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Country Corn's Super Corn

Welcome to Country Corn

Country corn is a corn-in-a-cup concept offering nutritiously delicious hand peeled whole sweet corn kernels served in a cup. Corn in a cup concept had been established in places where families, teenagers and seniors choose for leisure and healthy snack food. It had cultivated caring and sharing culture among families and teenagers.
Hence, offering good quality value-for-money, nutritious and delicious sweet kernels in a cup. And it sometimes get so addictive, corn lovers just can’t stop eating it all day, every day.

Country Corn Cup

Our Vision

To provide high quality healthiest hand peeled sweet corn kernels to all ages of life through various distribution channels like trade shows, corporate parties, exhibitions and functions, retailers, fresh food grocer, grocery shop, fast food outlets, any events, school fetes, small, big or local community events.

We choose naturally grown corn, (we cannot term it ORGANIC) not genetically modified. Normally kernels are taken off the cob by machine – “machine cut”. In that process, kernels get not only smaller in size but also losses its sealing from the bottom. And so all the natural sweet juice, nutrients and vitamins passes out over the time. It doesn’t taste as healthier and naturally sweeter as ours. Whereas our kernels are carefully extracted manually. And that’s the reason Country Corn is looking to expand the healthy genuine product to wide spectrum of market which can be used in hospitals, food, restaurants, curries, vegetables, salads, to eat by itself and sub-products of corn.

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